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Galaxy Healthcare Tourism is India's most preferred medical tourism company. It is one of fastest growing company in India with the unique service in medical treatments followed by tourism in incredible India. We understand that, as someone living outside of India, seeking medical treatment in a new place can be confusing. But you can sit back and relax now because you are at the right place. We specialize in helping you find the best hospitals & best doctors in India at affordable prices.

India has been rapidly emerging as a hub for highly qualified professionals in the field of medicine. The country is widely recognized for its competent doctors and surgeons and world-class medical facilities. We have tie-ups with many such hospitals and renowned surgeons. And our job is to help you reach speedy recovery by introducing you to the best possible doctors for your health problems.

Galaxy Healthcare Tourism has come a long way from being a medical care provider to an international medical tourism company today. Galaxy Healthcare Tourism follows the highest degree of ethics and international patient care protocol. This combined with the comfort of a three-four-star hotel and a tour of the Incredible India.


We strive to combine the highest standards of medical excellence and the best of service to create a global wellness company. Our aim is to offer surgery with maximum care and minimal invasion of body whenever possible.


To provide the best medical care internationally at the best prices and heal the body and the soul with a combination of medication, indulgence and travel.


  • To deliver quality service to the delight of the clients
  • To be constantly abreast of global healthcare standards and keep partner institutions informed on current trends in medical and wellness packages towards continuous improvement in the delivery of integration services
  • To be a partner of the government in nation building by being a key player in the global healthcare industry
  • To cultivate a culture of love of God and neighbor in the conduct of business

Our Services

We are the people from healthcare industry and have worked with patients and medical staff over the years. We understand what healthcare is all about and what do patients look for. We do not just focus on medical treatment or surgery or holidays, but we also spread health awareness, organize Medical Camps, Health seminars in India and various countries. We work with NGOs and Corporates to design special programs whereby the needy beneficiaries can travel to India for medical care.

We are the best facilitator company in India working with India's hospitals which use International protocols and multidisciplinary team approach. Galaxy Healthcare Tourism is not bound by any hospital or doctor. It has a wide net work of hospitals and doctors in India. This means that you can get options with respect to cost, location, hospitals or doctors. You need not rely on one particular hospitals and buy whatever they sell. Having options will help you to choose the best for you. We give you carefully selected and proven options.

Owing to our long & cordial association with doctors, they specially make time for our patients out of their usual busy schedule to render assistance on medical or non medical aspects at on extra cost to the patients. At all times while making up your mind, planning your trip, during your stay, and after you return home, your doctor will be available by phone and email. Since medical travelers cannot visit and see their doctors before taking the trip, our facilitation services include not only an introductory conference call between you and your doctor, but also, as many other calls as needed for you to feel more comfortable and understand what to expect and your doctor to better assess the case at hand.

We ensure Zero Waiting Time and Best Cost Service.

Any time is right time. We are available round the clock and on all days. So, do not see the time or the day. Just pick the phone and call us.

Priority scheduling of appointments, Hotel, Visa Assistance Free Airport Transfer, Language translator are some of our value add services of hospitality when you are here in India.

We hold your hand at every step- from your arrival till go back, with a smile on your face.

Even after you have returned , Galaxy Healthcare Tourism will be in regular touch with you to schedule post surgery follow-ups or any other assistance that you might need from India.

We can arrange OPD Camps and All type of Camps based on Hospital requirements in India and all other countries.

Our Medical Treatments

  • Organ Transplant ( Liver, Heart, Lungs, Kidney etc..)
  • IVF Treatment
  • Cardiology Treatment
  • Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery
  • Orthopedic Surgery ( Knee, Hip, Shoulder, replacement etc…)
  • Cancer Treatment
  • Neuro Science
  • Spine Treatment
  • Gynecology
  • Dental Treatment, Eye
  • ENT Treatment
  • General Surgeries and all other treatment also…